Welcome to the High Littleton Parish Council Web Site. The villages of High Littleton and Hallatrow are situated on the A39 between Bath and Wells, within easy reach of the City of Bristol.

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In the words of one of its most famous inhabitants, William SMITH, father of English Geology …

William SMITH

My residence was most singular, it being nearer to three cities than any other place in Britain: it is 10 miles from Bath, 10 from Bristol and 12 from Wells.

Church Hall, originally  called Church House, sketched by Samuel Loxton c.1911 showing its enclosed yard, mullioned window and adjoining cottage.Church Hall


Neighbourhood plans enable local people to have a say in the shape of development in their area. Creating a Plan is a new way for communities to influence the future of the places where they live and work. The Council recognise that it is local people who understand the wider needs of their community and their voices should be heard. A Neighbourhood Plan helps to address this.

In accordance with Neighbourhood Planning Regulation 14, High Littleton Parish Council is
undertaking a public consultation on its Pre-Submission Neighbourhood Development Plan and is
inviting comments from organisations and individuals. The public consultation runs from 13th June
2023 until 25th July 2023.
All comments will be made publicly available on the Parish Council website after the consultation
period. Comments submitted by individuals will be anonymous on publication. Comments submitted
by organisations will be identifiable by organisation name and organisation type. All other personal
information provided will be protected according to the Data Protection Act 2018 and will not be
made available online or otherwise. The Neighbourhood Plan can be viewed on the High Littleton Parish Council website here
You can comment by completing the Consultation Questionnaire here for submission to the parish clerk Or by writing to the High Littleton Parish Clerk at: 

Mrs Kirsty Headlong
Goosard Lane
High Littleton
BS39 6HJ

01761 479638