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  1. Ian Parker

    The traffic approaching Hallatrow bridge is often travelling too fast and still we are one of the only village in BANES with no traffic calming measures. Approaching from High Littleton vehicles usually INCREASE speed on the downhill section after the 30mph sign only braking if a large vehicle is negotiating the bridge.

  2. Neil Wilson

    Another consequence of the chicane in Hallatrow is that residents parking within it are worried about their vehicles being damaged. Hence they sometimes park on the pavement, somewhat understandably. But this can then be awkward for pedestrians with pushchairs who have to walk on the road to get through.

  3. Anne

    I have lived in the village for 42 years. The speed of the drivers is appauling especially lorry drivers. I emailed a company only last week Castle scaffolding from Timsbury about the speed one of there drivers drove through the village at school time. I did receive an apology. Something has to be done and soon before someone is injured or killed. What is it going to take before the council do something about the situation. I leave for work at 7am and it’s a race track 40 to 50mph majority drive. I’ve thought of going out with a big sign saying SLOW DOWN if it would help. Why can’t we do one of the speed checks ourselves . The Council are quick enough to put a speed van down Phyllis Hill why not through High Littleton !!.

  4. Ian Wills

    The chicane through Hallatrow requires diligent, considerate behaviour: as today’s drivers possess neither this traffic calming measure does not work. In fact some traffic actually speeds up as drivers accelerate in order to get through in the face of oncoming traffic. The result is misery for the residents with horns blaring (no consideration for the time of day), cars mounting pavements (without consideration for pedestrians) and clamours of abusive language.
    The consequence of the speeding traffic that refuse to accommodate other road users can be found in the form of pieces of wing mirrors, bumpers and other car body parts strewn through the chicane which is left to local residents to clear up, along with the piles of litter that gets thrown by those drivers that do wait at the chicane.
    We have not been able to make the most of the weather in our own garden this year because sitting outside has been yet another miserable experience listening to squealling brakes,angry tooting, and the torrent of foul language, even on Sunday mornings.
    Interestingly, the recent traffic lights for the roadworks by Meadow Lea did succeed in slowing traffic, with drivers actually approaching the area with caution and respect.
    Can the traffic planning officer please review this situation by taking into account the actual conduct of motorists who use the A39?

  5. Rachel Fisher

    Large truck mounted pavement as I walked children home from school 15:20 near the top of Timsbury Road on A39. This has happened a number of times this week and every week. The same spot , vehicles mounting the pavement at school times (8:45 & 15:20)

  6. John Petchey

    Raised on behalf of PB. Walking along A39 11th October 9 am. A small blue car shot out of Rotcombe without due care. Almost hit another car travelling along A39. Car hit the kerb and hit PB on the leg. Driver sped off.

  7. Keith Nepean

    Traffic accelerates at speed from the A39 traffic lights towards Hallatrow, often ignoring the 30 mile limit located adjacent the Old Station Inn. By making this short length of road 30 mph there is a reasonable chance when vehicles reach Hallatrow they will only be travelling at 40 mph (only joking). But it will make a huge difference.
    Also, A pavement please from Hallatrow through to the A39.

  8. Dianne Townsend

    I totally agree with the above comment. I live in Hallatrow and the chicanes in Hallatrow which are situated on a bend is an accident waiting to happen (and I believe already has). Also, the chicanes in High Littleton are a joke! Why is parking allowed within the chicanes. Residents have no regard for the motorist. They park outside of the parking zones ensuring that the motorist has to wait well beyond the chicanes. A motorist has to wait beyond parked vehicles which are causing an obstruction outside of the chicanes. When is the council going to respect the motorist and put a halt to residents parking at their own convenience with no regard and causing a traffic hazard to the motorist and pedestrians too.

  9. Neil Wilson

    As a Hallatrow resident that walks up to the A37 every morning, I have to be constantly vigilant of drivers not seeing me. In the dark, it’s fine [almost] as I have a torch, but during the daylight, it feels particularly dangerous. I guess I could drive to Temple Cloud and catch the bus there, but is that what we want? We need a pavement from the Station Inn to the A37 desparately

  10. Lisa Griffin

    The speed that people drive at through the chicane on Wells Road in Hallatrow is downright dangerous. I have witnessed speeds of at least 50mph if not more including huge tankers and lorrys. Also a major accident took place there back in July involving 4 cars (1 driver at fault). Something needs to be done because no one respects the speed limit and have no thought for the people that live on this road.

  11. monica castle

    There are too many incidents to record. Daily minor incidents [wing mirrors getting hit]continual verbal confrontations along with blowing horns!! Major incident recorded last month. Something needs to be done at this road chicane in Hallatrow. It was a ‘road calming’ initiative which clearly does not calm but confusion and aggression!

    1. Neil Wilson

      The end nearer the roundabout has a very clear ‘Give Way’ sign for drivers going towards the roundabout. But the other end has no such sign and relies on drivers realising that if there are cars parked on your side of the road, then you don’t have right of way.

  12. Jeremy Harris

    People are parking in an unsafe position infront of the traffic
    calming Bollard when entering High Littleto from the Farmborough.
    There is a White Transit Van which is always parked there and has encouraged other oeople to park their private cars in the same position.
    Parking there obstructs the designated Bus Stop it also obstructs drivers views
    of traffic coming to and from the High Littleton.
    If nothing is done to prevent this blatant obstruction there will be an accident
    waiting to happen.
    Generally drivers are very tolerant and respectful of rights of way, giving and taking
    in both directions but you always get someone who drives without care and attention
    of pther road users.
    My wife told me that while pulling aside and waiting for the Bus from Bath leaving
    the bus stop a Large Black Range Rover drove straight past her straight at the Bus. He had nowhere to go and then had to back up as the bus driver had already negotaited the
    protective bollard. He had no respect for the Bus driver or any other road users.
    Something must be done about this dangerous parking positions that will soon cause
    a serious accident.
    I am a High Littleton resident of 29 years.


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