A39 Incidents

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  1. Natalie Gentle

    02/11/21 – Having dropped my own child off at school, I noticed another child attempting to cross alone at the old lollipop crossing. He was trying to cross from the church side of the road between cars in a stationary queue, and another vehicle was coming the other way. Neither the driver or the child could see one another, so I shouted over to the child to ‘Stop right there!’ to stop him from walking out in front of the moving vehicle. This could have been a very serious accident, or a possible fatality.

  2. Anne Marsh

    Just arrived home at 3 30 pm the speed of the cars and lorries is unbelievable cars can’t wait so barge through at 50mph frightening . The lorries couldn’t stop if they tried the speed they are travelling one day they are not going too . Do we wait for that day !!!!!!

  3. Kay

    Parent parked on single yellow outside school at 14:55 Car parked on bus stop school side.

    Tuesday pm car raced through the traffic calming narrowly missing car that was trying to go around the parked cars which stop you from seeing if it is clear.

  4. Anne Marsh

    I was opposite my house on the High Street waiting to cross a car stopped and waved me to go back so he could mount the pavement . I refused to move and stuck my ground he they started shouting abuse at me but I still refused to move telling him the road was for cars and the pavement for pedestrians .
    The speed of the cars is frightening I have lived here 47 years and it’s frightening now . Someone is going to get hurt before long . We need a camera or something to deter the speed .

  5. Lucy Bailey

    Again multiple heavy vehicles mounting the pavements at the end of school. I have had my elbows hit twice by wing mirrors by cars.
    I have had to pull my babys pram out of the way of a double decker bus that came up on the pavement this week.

    1. Mandy Marshall

      Copy of email I sent this evening following a scare today. If my son had been any further along the road he’d no longer be with us:
      Dear Sir/Madam

      Today my children and I were very nearly mowed down by a vehicle mounting the pavement. My children have to walk home this way every day from school and I am scared for their lives. I know this issue has been reported multiple times in the past and has been the subject of great discussion on the village fb page and in Parish meetings yet still the problem and associated risks exist.

      The issue is on the High Street heading towards Hallatrow, just after the Timsbury Road junction. There is a drive for a property and therefore has a dropped kerb. On the other side cars are parked and it is a bend.
      Cars coming from the Hallatrow direction overtake the parked cars and are then driving on the opposite carriageway. Cars coming round the bend are surprised and quickly drive up the dropped kerb and mount the pavement to avoid a head on collision, thus endangering the lives of those on the pavement!

      I honestly believe installing a couple of bollards immediately after the dropped kerb would go a huge way towards resolving this issue and seems to me if done would be a quick win. Of course a bollard can be knocked down, but it is a huge deterrent.

      Longer term, it would also be of great help if cars were not allowed to park on the opposite side. It is a bend here and makes it quite dangerous to overtake the parked cars.
      I have been a driver in this situation too. You simply do not expect cars to be on your side of the road as you drive round the bend. It takes you by surprise and the natural instinct is to steer to avoid it. But as we head away from summer and we start to have more rain visibility is only going to get worse. The risk of not seeing a pedestrian (small child!!) is very high.

      Please would you look at this matter as a matter of urgency? I did not take photos today, I don’t always have my phone at the ready unfortunately. I have taken some in the past which I can dig out if beneficial.

      I really am shaken up by todays near miss so any responses relating to cost of installing a simple bollard, lack of resources, covid or brexit will really not go down well.

      Parish clerk: I’ve cc’d you in for info. Is this matter a current topic of the Parish Council? If not would it be possible for it to be added please? I believe there was a petition at one point, I think created by another villager, Rachel Fisher if memory serves. I don’t know what the outcome of that was.

      Mr Rees-Mog & Ryan Wills: cc’ing you both in the greatest hope that you are able to assist with this matter.

      Yours fearfully
      Mrs Mandy Marshall

  6. Rachel

    Today at school pick up time a ‘brandwell’ truck and its trailer came up onto the pavement and drove along it in front of parents and children including myself and my young son who has to keep back to stay out of its way. A car also went up on the pavement further ahead of us. I took photos for evidence of required.

  7. Rachel

    A double decker bus drove on the pavement near me and my child at school pick up time. We had to walk backwards to get out the way. Then when the bus driver finally stopped coming towards us on the pavement he signalled with his hand that we should go past so me and my son quickly ran down the narrow gap between the bus and the wall. I’ve reported this to First buses also.

  8. John Petchey

    Paul Barnard (who crosses regularly)

    A car coming from the north stopped to let Paul across, the coast seemed clear. As he reached halfway a lorry doing some 50 mph, approaching from the south, sped passed and missed him by a whisker. Paul was still shaken up when I saw him 20 minutes later.

  9. John Petchey

    On behalf of Paul Barnard (Again!).

    Paul using the Zebra outside the (ex?) P.O. he is wearing a high-viz jacket.
    A lorry approaching from the north stops to allow Paul to cross. Paul is half-way across when it is apparent that a new large 4*4 coming from the south is not going to!! Paul gesticulates frantically, and the 4*4 skids to a halt.
    The female passenger then has the temerity to wind down her window and tell Paul that he should have waited on the pavement until they had passed.

  10. Rach

    Van went up on pavement at the end of the school day and parked across pavement. Top of Timsbury road near driveway/church hill sign

  11. Paul Allen

    Incident Wednesday 30th October,junction A39 and Grey field Road. Large lorry trying to turn into Greyfield could not negotiate bend due to parked vehicles. This happens several times a year.The lorry could not reverse so traffic at a standstill in both directions. There are several reasons for this event IMHO; the lorries are too long, there are no parking restrictions,car drivers park on pavements and close to the junction,and…drivers lack of public responsibility.

  12. Rach

    3 lorries went up onto the pavement when I was collecting my child from school today. All between the top of Timsbury road and the church. One was a penny truck, one was an r j king truck and one was a big whistl lorry. These are just the ones I saw, goodness knows how many there actually were doing it!

  13. Rachel

    Car on pavement at top of Timsbury road on the way to collect school child. Glad I didn’t have the double pushchair as I wouldn’t have been able to get by.

  14. Kenneth Buckland

    Another incident on the A39 between the Timsbury Road junction and the School/Church. A car parked at kerbside seriously damaged along the nearside with ripped panelling and rear wheel hub. In this incident the offending driver stopped,(in a Company car), and informed owner who was visiting somewhere.
    The same reason for collision as in many cases before- one road user refusing to stop as they considered that above all logical reasoning that as it was their right of way, notwithstanding impossible odds of causing the other vehicle to stop, as this would block the route anyway, they had nowhere to go, they must force their way through. Unfortunately it is all too apparent that this sort of driving attitude and dangerously thoughtless behaviour is the Hallmark of driving on our roads, everywhere. Is it a symptom, the result of so much internet and business rush, television and film selections of violence and aggravation, of the selfish ‘Me First’ attitude?
    ‘A’road through the village or not ,something has to be done before a more serious incident occurs, brought about by such ignorant aggressive behaviour.
    A mini roundabout at the Timsbury Road/A39 junction might go some way towards finding a solution.

  15. Kenneth Buckland

    Yet another day and the necessity to make it known that once again the A39 has proven to make itself clear as a near death trap. I was parked along the kerbside of the road between the school and the Timsbury Road junction at approximately 19.00 Hrs. I had just gotten out of the vehicle after looking and seeing the road to be clear both ways. As I closed the door and walked alongside the vehicle to the back a 4X4 open backed builders beast came rushing past me before I had time to reach the back and blared it’s horn and shouted obscenities loudly, coarsely, ignorantly. I felt that my life was at risk of serious injury or death. At the speed he was travelling at, well over 30 mph. In the situation that I found myself with nowhere to go. It is without doubt male “male” drivers at the wheel in all these incidence. Shame on them and their dangerous behaviour and example, particularly to the young.

  16. Rachel Fisher

    This afternoon a lorry went up on path near me and my 5 year old when we were walking home from school between the top of Timsbury road and the church.

  17. Rachel Fisher

    This afternoon a lorry went up on pavement near me and my 5 year old when we were walking home from school between the top of Timsbury road and the church.

  18. Rachel Fisher

    Monday 16th. Dark blue landrover with trailer went up on pavement near school children near the church.

  19. Karen Green

    My daughter and grandaughter were nearly knocked down today by speading silver sports car as they were crossing the zebra crossing in the village on their way to pick my grandson from school!!! Something needs to be done

  20. Rachel

    This morning when dropping off my child to school at about 8.45 a dark blue Land Rover type truck pulling a trailer mounted the pavement just before the bus stop near the school on the church side of the road. I wasn’t quick enough to get a photo as he was also going quite fast!

  21. Rachel

    Today at 3:20 when school children were on the pavement going home near the school on the main road a truck with a trailer carrying a car mounted the pavement right next to a girl riding by on her scooter and then seconds later further down near the pox box a lorry mounted the pavement a couple of feet away from a 5 year old walking home with his mum

  22. Karen Aniola

    The narrow pavements, particularly before The Haynes and opposite Biggs car park, are particularly terrifying to walk along with children when large trucks and speeding cars are flying by millimetres from elbows/shoulders. Today my 8 year old was scooting along the pavement when the wheel jammed and he fell onto the road in the path of an oncoming car, who fortunately was able to stop in time. The scooter has of course been binned. We were both very badly shaken. Pavements are too narrow.
    Where they are wider, eg. before the bus stop at the Star, is where many vehicles mount the pavement, when they are trying to squeeze past parked cars. More bollards or higher kerbs are needed.

  23. Kenneth Buckland

    Yet another two road accidents on the A39 towards the west end of the village: 1. White van cascades into railings, destroying them, and going forward up to the front door of a resident’s house, across the pavement, see front cover of the local Guardian a couple of weeks ago.2. today 29/07/2019 a shunting of vehicles coming round the bend again, hard braking to stop from hitting emergency stopping car, and consequent quite extensive vehicle damage, particularly to one van. A photo is available.
    Also my car parked on the roadside has been scraped yet again with the road cone that I always put there beside the car almost broken beyond repair. I have recently been to see Mr Reece-Mogg to make reports on this road, and he assures me that the situation is being looked into by the Highways Management, Ministry of Transport.

    1. Sharon

      So today 6 September 2019 my girls coming home from school using there scooters , a transit or pick up truck mounted the kerb and nearly missing my little girl now if she had fallen of her scooter god only knows what could of happened there must be something the school and community an do at start and finish of school times as somebody is going to get killed or hurt

  24. A Villager

    Crossing Zebra crossing by post office, car from Hallatrow direction failed to stop. Verbally abusing myself and daughter for crossing.

  25. Villager

    New Road – cars trying to get through by chicane, car mounted pavement behind me, continued to drive in pavement and hit me with his wing mirror.

  26. A Villager

    Banes traffic manager in response to letter from resident and elected MP has stated that the A39 is in fact a B road so he is unable to do anything further but notes that the traffic calming measures at the Haines end has reduced speeding traffic to acceptable levels offers to visit and see speeds at peek and night times declined

  27. John Petchey

    Workman re-building wall in front of 7 New Rd, 1st May about 5pm car drove along pavement and braked just short of hitting him

    1. Steve Tynan

      German tourist strike the chicane kerb outside Bloomfield Cottage puncturing both nearside tyres. I hosted them at ours and called out Europcar rescue service.

  28. Rachel Fisher

    White transit van (reg MK61 DTU) completely on pavement at the top of Timsbury Road that joins to A39. He also pulled out onto the road in front of us without looking and nearly caused a crash.

  29. N. Gentle

    Yesterday, a ‘Tarmac’ lorry was seen mounting the pavement on at least two occasions going up Church Hill toward (and on the same side as) the Holy Trinity church to get past traffic overtaking the cars on the opposite side. Also, just before the lorry’s first pavement-mounting incident at the bottom by The Batch, a large white van was seen to be attempting to overtake the Tarmac lorry (which was initially waiting for the oncoming traffic), causing the lorry driver to sound his horn, and possibly causing him to make the rash decision of mounting the pavement.

  30. John Petchey

    From FB – HLLSAF

    Hello, I just want to inform villagers that a lady and her child were almost hit by a person in a car mounting the pavement, just downhill from the school this morning. The lady was taking her child to school, and was extremely shaken by the incident. Please be extra vigilant when walking in the village, to preserve your own safety. The incident is being reported to the Police and BANES from numerous sources. Thank you.

  31. Stephen Tynan

    Yet more aggro at the Bloomfield Cottages chicane on the 23rd Feb. Driver deliberately braking violently to irritate the following car. This almost resulted in two collisions.

  32. John Petchey

    Bollard by Bus stop (Star Inn) demolished 3/12/18

  33. Kenneth Buckland

    On reading of all of above, the A39 has, as is, and has had for some considerable time, serious issues that require immediate attention. No suggestions or solutions have been presented. Speed seems to be a major factor of concern, and downright stupid aggressive driving by mostly, though not exclusively through traffic. The volume in terms of traffic numbers and of volume noise are degrading the quality of life of the villagers, particularly those who live directly on the A39. It has been and continues to be an escalating problem. It is a direct consequence of the type of society in which we live. People feeling modern day pressures of having to be in some illusory place of, being there, first, tops, where they are better best, not last or lost out. Many drivers do not feel able to slow down, give way, be patient, be polite be reasonable in their cars. Would they, do they maybe barge their way along a the pavement of a street? do they behave as they do in their cars wherever they go with whoever they are with? Jump a queue or assume priority everywhere they go? We have run out of road for these people. We have run out of time for the safety of everyone. We are all part of the problem so we must be part of the solution. What is obvious to us, the occupants who have to experience this increasingly abject situation on a daily, habitual basis, is for the Highways Authority to look very closely at the situation we all have to experience here in the villages throughout the day from 6.30am to 6.30 pm. If they are able to apply this time necessary to observe exactly what is happening in our villages, lowering the quality of life and safety below acceptable, by any standard.This has been escalating over the last twenty years that I have lived in the village and I see that it has reached a point of insane proportions of human behaviour on the part of drivers through the vacuous pressures that they feel under in order to succeed and be the winner. Priority driving at all costs in any situation. And something has to happen. Before something happens to us.

  34. Mr Villager

    I have raised a number of times with our local MP who has directly spoken to the Transport Manager within BANES who clearly didn’t like the exposure having ignored my letters up until the MP contacted him. I was told there is nothing the Police and BANES can do about it that the Measures in place have reduced speeds though the Village to a acceptable level ???? I was told That no speed checks could be done by the Haynes Formula one end of the village.
    It is intresting that the speed Limit signs d road markings were removed then a Speed Camrea installed in Farnbrough last year yet it is not a option in the Village or approch to the Village Various reasons Given. The last crash out side the Haynes when a car hit another car at speed ending up on its roof has appeared to do nothing to move things along this accident was infact denied when raised in question to the Transport manager despite a number of Emergency responce vericules being in attendencefortunately it was when the Haynes was closed and there was only a few people in the areas near by. It is concerning the the Council and elected members lack the clout or voice to prevent a fatality as a result of reckless and ignorant drivers using the villages roads.

  35. Ian Parker

    The traffic approaching Hallatrow bridge is often travelling too fast and still we are one of the only village in BANES with no traffic calming measures. Approaching from High Littleton vehicles usually INCREASE speed on the downhill section after the 30mph sign only braking if a large vehicle is negotiating the bridge.

  36. Neil Wilson

    Another consequence of the chicane in Hallatrow is that residents parking within it are worried about their vehicles being damaged. Hence they sometimes park on the pavement, somewhat understandably. But this can then be awkward for pedestrians with pushchairs who have to walk on the road to get through.

    1. Dee Payne

      I agree with you, however, I have to park outside Bloomfield cottages and yes I now park a little on the pavement, I have had 2 big dents on my car in 10 months, each one cost me £300 to repair, I am insured but the premium would go up, I have emailed the local councillor but did not get a reply, the traffic on this road is getting worse every day, the speed is outragious and something needs to be done about it now, we should all fight for our rights, but alas it would fall on deaf ears, I apologise to all that I have to park on the pavement.
      Dee Payne

  37. Anne

    I have lived in the village for 42 years. The speed of the drivers is appauling especially lorry drivers. I emailed a company only last week Castle scaffolding from Timsbury about the speed one of there drivers drove through the village at school time. I did receive an apology. Something has to be done and soon before someone is injured or killed. What is it going to take before the council do something about the situation. I leave for work at 7am and it’s a race track 40 to 50mph majority drive. I’ve thought of going out with a big sign saying SLOW DOWN if it would help. Why can’t we do one of the speed checks ourselves . The Council are quick enough to put a speed van down Phyllis Hill why not through High Littleton !!.

  38. Ian Wills

    The chicane through Hallatrow requires diligent, considerate behaviour: as today’s drivers possess neither this traffic calming measure does not work. In fact some traffic actually speeds up as drivers accelerate in order to get through in the face of oncoming traffic. The result is misery for the residents with horns blaring (no consideration for the time of day), cars mounting pavements (without consideration for pedestrians) and clamours of abusive language.
    The consequence of the speeding traffic that refuse to accommodate other road users can be found in the form of pieces of wing mirrors, bumpers and other car body parts strewn through the chicane which is left to local residents to clear up, along with the piles of litter that gets thrown by those drivers that do wait at the chicane.
    We have not been able to make the most of the weather in our own garden this year because sitting outside has been yet another miserable experience listening to squealling brakes,angry tooting, and the torrent of foul language, even on Sunday mornings.
    Interestingly, the recent traffic lights for the roadworks by Meadow Lea did succeed in slowing traffic, with drivers actually approaching the area with caution and respect.
    Can the traffic planning officer please review this situation by taking into account the actual conduct of motorists who use the A39?

    1. Dee

      IT would be a miracle if the traffic planning officer would even take the time to read any or all of the very relevant and important posts on here, it will take a fatality for them to take any action , which will be too little too late.

  39. Rachel Fisher

    Large truck mounted pavement as I walked children home from school 15:20 near the top of Timsbury Road on A39. This has happened a number of times this week and every week. The same spot , vehicles mounting the pavement at school times (8:45 & 15:20)

  40. John Petchey

    Raised on behalf of PB. Walking along A39 11th October 9 am. A small blue car shot out of Rotcombe without due care. Almost hit another car travelling along A39. Car hit the kerb and hit PB on the leg. Driver sped off.

  41. Keith Nepean

    Traffic accelerates at speed from the A39 traffic lights towards Hallatrow, often ignoring the 30 mile limit located adjacent the Old Station Inn. By making this short length of road 30 mph there is a reasonable chance when vehicles reach Hallatrow they will only be travelling at 40 mph (only joking). But it will make a huge difference.
    Also, A pavement please from Hallatrow through to the A39.

  42. Dianne Townsend

    I totally agree with the above comment. I live in Hallatrow and the chicanes in Hallatrow which are situated on a bend is an accident waiting to happen (and I believe already has). Also, the chicanes in High Littleton are a joke! Why is parking allowed within the chicanes. Residents have no regard for the motorist. They park outside of the parking zones ensuring that the motorist has to wait well beyond the chicanes. A motorist has to wait beyond parked vehicles which are causing an obstruction outside of the chicanes. When is the council going to respect the motorist and put a halt to residents parking at their own convenience with no regard and causing a traffic hazard to the motorist and pedestrians too.

  43. Neil Wilson

    As a Hallatrow resident that walks up to the A37 every morning, I have to be constantly vigilant of drivers not seeing me. In the dark, it’s fine [almost] as I have a torch, but during the daylight, it feels particularly dangerous. I guess I could drive to Temple Cloud and catch the bus there, but is that what we want? We need a pavement from the Station Inn to the A37 desparately

  44. Lisa Griffin

    The speed that people drive at through the chicane on Wells Road in Hallatrow is downright dangerous. I have witnessed speeds of at least 50mph if not more including huge tankers and lorrys. Also a major accident took place there back in July involving 4 cars (1 driver at fault). Something needs to be done because no one respects the speed limit and have no thought for the people that live on this road.

  45. monica castle

    There are too many incidents to record. Daily minor incidents [wing mirrors getting hit]continual verbal confrontations along with blowing horns!! Major incident recorded last month. Something needs to be done at this road chicane in Hallatrow. It was a ‘road calming’ initiative which clearly does not calm but confusion and aggression!

    1. Neil Wilson

      The end nearer the roundabout has a very clear ‘Give Way’ sign for drivers going towards the roundabout. But the other end has no such sign and relies on drivers realising that if there are cars parked on your side of the road, then you don’t have right of way.

  46. Jeremy Harris

    People are parking in an unsafe position infront of the traffic
    calming Bollard when entering High Littleto from the Farmborough.
    There is a White Transit Van which is always parked there and has encouraged other oeople to park their private cars in the same position.
    Parking there obstructs the designated Bus Stop it also obstructs drivers views
    of traffic coming to and from the High Littleton.
    If nothing is done to prevent this blatant obstruction there will be an accident
    waiting to happen.
    Generally drivers are very tolerant and respectful of rights of way, giving and taking
    in both directions but you always get someone who drives without care and attention
    of pther road users.
    My wife told me that while pulling aside and waiting for the Bus from Bath leaving
    the bus stop a Large Black Range Rover drove straight past her straight at the Bus. He had nowhere to go and then had to back up as the bus driver had already negotaited the
    protective bollard. He had no respect for the Bus driver or any other road users.
    Something must be done about this dangerous parking positions that will soon cause
    a serious accident.
    I am a High Littleton resident of 29 years.


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