A39 Incidents

Please post a “comment” to this page so that we can have a Village wide record of all incidents on the A39


  1. monica castle

    There are too many incidents to record. Daily minor incidents [wing mirrors getting hit]continual verbal confrontations along with blowing horns!! Major incident recorded last month. Something needs to be done at this road chicane in Hallatrow. It was a ‘road calming’ initiative which clearly does not calm but confusion and aggression!

  2. Jeremy Harris

    People are parking in an unsafe position infront of the traffic
    calming Bollard when entering High Littleto from the Farmborough.
    There is a White Transit Van which is always parked there and has encouraged other oeople to park their private cars in the same position.
    Parking there obstructs the designated Bus Stop it also obstructs drivers views
    of traffic coming to and from the High Littleton.
    If nothing is done to prevent this blatant obstruction there will be an accident
    waiting to happen.
    Generally drivers are very tolerant and respectful of rights of way, giving and taking
    in both directions but you always get someone who drives without care and attention
    of pther road users.
    My wife told me that while pulling aside and waiting for the Bus from Bath leaving
    the bus stop a Large Black Range Rover drove straight past her straight at the Bus. He had nowhere to go and then had to back up as the bus driver had already negotaited the
    protective bollard. He had no respect for the Bus driver or any other road users.
    Something must be done about this dangerous parking positions that will soon cause
    a serious accident.
    I am a High Littleton resident of 29 years.


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