Remote Council meetings

As part of the management of the Covid-19 pandemic, the government has published regulations to permit remote council meetings.  Councillors, the public and press no longer have to be present in a single physical space in order to meet and conduct council business.  The regulations remain in place until 7 May 2021.   

HIgh LIttleton Parish Council will be holding meetings via the Zoom platform.  The meeting ID and password will be available on the agenda posted on the website so that members of the public can attend.  Details of how to join a meeting using Zoom can be accessed here 

Currently meetings are limited to 40 minutes so the Council will be prioritising and focusing on urgent issues/business.  To assist the Council any issues are requested to be sent to the Clerk at least 24 hours before the meeting and members of the public are reminded that the Council cannot make any decisions on matters that do not appear on the agenda.  If members of the public have questions about matters not on the agenda, they are requested to contact the Council outside of the meeting.