Minutes of the Meeting of the High Littleton Parish Council held on Tuesday 8th August 2017

Minutes of the Meeting of the High Littleton Parish Council held on Tuesday 8th August 2017

Councillors present 

Mr L Sheen, Mr L Salvidge, Mr N Pollett, Mr P Allen, Mr P Savage Mr J Petchey and Mr S Gould


Opportunity for the members of the public to speak

There were no members of the public present.


Mr S Skelhorn and District Councillor Les Kew

Minutes of the Parish Meeting held on the 11th July 2017

The Council agreed that these should be signed as a true and correct record of the meeting after one amendment

Declarations of Discloseable Pecuniary Interests and Request for Dispensations

Mr J Petchey – planning application 17/01757/FUL. Mr Petchey has known the applicant a long time.

Mr S Gould – planning application 16/03808/FUL. Mr Gould is a neighbour

Mr N Pollett – planning application 17/02634/FUL.  Mr Pollett is a neighbour

Mr L Salvidge – planning application 17/02555/FUL. Mr Salvidge has had previous business history with applicant

Mr L Sheen – Review of allotment rent next year – Mr Sheen rents an allotment

Development Control, Forestry Works and Footpath Diversions

16/03808/FUL Erection of 4no. dwellings following demolition of existing dwelling, garage and outbuildings. White Chimneys, Paulton Road, Hallatrow

Awaiting a decision

17/01757/FUL  Conversion of adjacent barn to residential dwelling. Apples, Scumbrum Lane, High Littleton

Awaiting a Decision

17/01645FUL  Extension of the current car parking with provision for a further 4-5 vehicles. Greyfield Wood, Greyfield, High Littleton (Outside the Parish)

The Case Officer informed the Clerk that she will approve

17/02291/FUL  Erection of a single storey side extension. 9 Rotcombe Lane High Littleton

Permitted. To be removed from the agenda.

17/02569/FUL  Erection of rear conservatory. Mai-see View, Scumbrum Lane, High Littleton

Permitted. To be removed from the agenda.

17/02634/FUL  Erection of second storey side extension, detached garage and new entrance. Lyndhurst, White Cross, Hallatrow

Permitted. To be removed from the agenda.

17/02555/FUL  Conversion of redundant agricultural building to form a new dwelling. Redhouse Farm, White Cross, Hallatrow

Permitted. To be removed from the agenda.

New Planning Applications

17/03099/FUL  Erection of a 2 storey side extension/garage demolition. 17 Rotcombe Lane, High Littleton

The Council agreed to Object in Principle due to D2 of the Local Plan (Over development) and noted that the applicant has not been accurate in his application regarding parking.


16/03914/FUL (Appeal Ref:- 17/00059/RF) Demolition of existing building and erection of 6no dwellings and associated works. The Yard High Street High Littleton

Awaiting a decision

New Appeals

17/00069/RF Erection of 1 No. bungalow with associated works to the rear of 1 Fairview (Resubmission), 1 Fairview, News Road,

No further comments

Other Planning matters

Church Farm scaffolding and other planning matters

The Clerk was requested to contact Mr Geraint Jones (Mr Martin and Dudley Pera’s solicitor), to ask what progress has been made since the meeting held in June this year to discuss matters relating to Church Farm and the High Littleton School. The Clerk was requested to inform the relevant department in B&NES, the Council’s concerns with health and safety issues relating to the scaffolding and sheeting on Church Farm, and to ask what can be done about it.

Agenda Items

  1. Parish Plan – Highways & Environment
  • New roundabout and associated work at Paulton Road and A39 junction, following feasibility study to Paulton and surrounding area in connection with the Polestar Development, including Village Gate, Paulton Road

Mr L Kew was looking into whether there is money available for the Gateway project. Mr Justin Reeve (B&NES Communication & Publicity Officer Strategic Transport Project Environmental Services) was informed to proceed with agreed Gateway design. The signs have been implemented and are ready to print. 

  • Hallatrow Hill footway – Phase 2 (Road Speeds on A39 particularly by Langfords Lane and Highbury Road in Hallatrow)

No news

  • Review of speed limits in the parish

No news from Mr Stefan Chiffers (B&NES Traffic Engineer) regarding the Council’s speed limits change request. The Clerk was requested to chase 

  • Traffic and parking issues on New Road near chicane

The Clerk contacted Avon and Somerset Police Service to ask if the Camera and Safety Partnership would monitor New Road. The Clerk received a reply that the request has been forwarded to the relevant department who will make contact as duties permit 

  • £500,000 scheme to improve traffic flow on A39

The Council discussed the intended improvements at the “2 headed Man” on the A39 and the impact on New Road in High Littleton. The Clerk was requested to email Mr L Kew (District Councillor) and copy in the B&NES Cabinet Member for Transport and Highways, stating the Council’s concerns with the impact of the major improvements would have on High Littleton, and to ask what studies have been done to ensure there is no uncontrolled mayhem on New Road 

  • Air pollution levels and concerns on the A39

The Clerk forwarded to the Councillors an email and enclosed a report from Mr L Kew, stating that he has met with the Chief Environmental Officer. Air quality monitors will be placed in and around High Littleton in September and will be monitored over the next year. FTC. 

  1. Highway related matters

The Highways Maintenance sheet was updated.

  1. Bus Stops / Bus Shelters/ Bus Services
  • The reduction in the bus service and the impact on parishioners

Mr L Kew was going to meet with the Bus Operators to discuss the above. No news. The Clerk was requested to chase

  1. Youth Service Matters

No news

  1. B&NES Placemaking Plans – New Local Plan

This has been formally adopted on 13th July. The Council discussed the New Local Plan report in relation to High Littleton and Hallatrow 

  1. Footpath Matters
  • Footpath Sign off Greyfield Road leading to Greyfield Wood needs replacing

Mrs Sheila Petherbridge (B&NES Public Footpath Officer) was dealing with this. The Council noted that some of the signs are not erected correctly. The Clerk to inform Mrs Petherbridge with the details supplied by the Council 

  1. Methodist Church – Update Review
  • Grant Application

No news

  1. Neighbourhood Plans/Parish Plans

The Clerk wrote to the successful tender and unsuccessful tenders for the Character Assessment. The Steering Group has submitted grant application for £6010. The Clerk forwarded to the Council the Neighbourhood Planning Reforms Act 2017. The Council discussed the status of the Neighbourhood Plan

  1. Defibrillator

Mr Mark Haywood (Community Engagement Officer) informed the Clerk that the funding for the defibrillator by the Post Office in High Littleton, had been successful. The Clerk to correct Mr Haywood and say that the defibrillator is for Hallatrow outside to old Post Office.

  1. Parishioners question of the status of the Community Speed Watch

No news

  1. Bench installation requests in the Parish
  • Memorial Bench request for Rotcombe Lane

The Council agreed that they would like all future benches in the parish to be the Phoenix Jubilee (the same as the one recently purchased outside Dandos Store). The Clerk was requested to informed Mrs E Wilks of the Council’s decision and to ask her that if she wishes to have a bench on Rotcombe Lane, to please send the Council payment of the bench. 

  • Scumbrum Lane/New Road bench

Last month Mr Dan Miller (B&NES Engineer Design Group) confirmed that there is no budget this year for a bench, and asked he asked if the Council will make a contribution, he would be happy deal with the matter. The Clerk replied asking if there is money in next year’s budget. No reply.

  • Suggestion of a remembrance plaque on a new bench opposite Dandos for the late Mr Graham Dando

The Clerk ordered the Phoenix Jubilee bench from Glasdon, which has been delivered and installed opposite Dando’s store. The installation of the plaque is in hand.

  1. Resignation of Paul Wyatt and Councillor Vacancy
  • Marking Paul Wyatt’s contribution as Chairman and a Councillor for 25 years


The Clerk informed the Council that she has received one interest via email. The Clerk provided the information asked for, but has had not received a reply. 

  1. Christmas trees – suppliers and dressers

The Council agreed for the Clerk to contact Somer 2000 and request a quotation for dressing two Christmas trees. The Council agreed that the Clerk should contact Mr Alan Tibbs to request a quotation for supplying, delivering and installing two Christmas trees

  1. Councillors new email addresses

The Clerk emailed Mr Simon Conway to ask if he would create new email address for the Councillors on the Council’s server. Mr Conway replied he would. The Councillors agreed that the Clerk could send their personal email addresses for this to be completed

Reports from Representatives


The Clerk wrote to all allotment holders and advised them of the rental increase as from March next year. The Clerk emailed Clutton PC to ask for their annual charge for water supply. No reply. The Council discussed the possible instalment of a supply with Bristol Water. The Council decided that cost is not viable. A vacancy has occurred on half an allotment. The Clerk has asked the next on the waiting list if they would like to rent the allotment. No reply to date.

 Recreation Ground

The Councillor representative gave a verbal report

 Police and Neighbourhood Watch

The Clerk emailed Mr Tony Wilmot (Neighbourhood Watch) to inform him that the Council agree that he can put an article in the News and Views. The Clerk asked him if the is anything he would like the Council to do. No reply

School Governors

No news

 Grass and Cemetery

The Council discussed that the Lych Gate requires repainting with wood preservative

 Parish Magazine “News and Views”  

The Councillors discussed contributing to the editorial and requested the dates from

 Greyfield Wood  

The Councillor representative gave a verbal report

 Street Cleansing Update

Mr Wayne Bridges has been unable to sweep/cleanse to Parish to date, due to his present work over running.  The Council discussed the possibility of employing road sweepers once again aas part of the Parish Agency agreement

Parish Liaison Meeting  

The Councillor representative gave a verbal report

 Items of interest from District Councillor:

No news

 Correspondence for Action

  • Parish Charter and Community Empowerment fund – letter from Paul Myers Cabinet Minister Policy, Localism and Partnerships

B&NES have agreed to a new Community Empowerment Fund to provide initial investment for local councils wishing to improve their area. Such as projects to improve local green spaces. Amount available to High Littleton is £1060. The Clerk was requested to enquire the rules for applying and the deadline.

  • Electoral Review of B&NES Warding Arrangements – from the Local Government Boundary Commission

The Clerk forwarded to the Councillors letters regarding the Local Government Boundary Assessment. Local. Views can be submitted up to 2nd October 2017. Links given for further information. The Council agreed to discuss this at the next meeting.


  • Receipt of £1387.50. The High Littleton Parish Council share of the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) generated by the development at Timsbury Road. Ref:- 16/00566/FUL.

The Council agreed that the memorial bench for Graham Dando costing £744.80 should be included in the above expenditure 

  • Grant request from High Littleton Primary C of E VC Primary – Academy

No news 

  • Quarterly Accounts and Payment

The Clerk sent the quarterly accounts ending June 2017 for review. The Council agreed that the Chairman should sign the quarterly accounts

For Payment:

The following cheques were authorised for payment August 2017:-


Cheque 981 To Pauline Young  
  Clerk’s pay July 17 964.33
  Less July17 NI Contribution

Less July 17 Pension Contribution



  Net Total 926.46
  Travel for July 17 12.15
  Total 938.61
Cheque 982 Post Office Ltd  
  Employer’s and Employee’s July 17 NI 73.27
Cheque 983 E.ON – Electric for July  17 54.17
Cheque 984 Primrose Garden Maintenance – Grass cutting Cemetery and White Cross July 360.60
Cheque 985 M Stevens – Rec Ground Maintenance July 17 116.83
Cheque 986 Glasdon UK – Bench 893.76
Cheque 987 Scion Creative – Website design and support 60.00
Total   2,497.24


Matters Chairman considers Urgent

The Council agreed that Facebook should be added to the agenda under “Reports from Representatives”

The Council agreed that the Clerk should chase Curo Housing and be added to the agenda

The Council agreed that a sign should be placed on the Allotment gate stating “Allotment holders only” due to the public believing the path is a right of way

Items for Next Meeting 

Discussion regarding receipts for Capital Project Grants

Review Standing Orders

Tenders for Parish Sweeping/cleansing

Exchange of Parish Council Data back up on Cruzer Blade Exchange

The Clerk gave the latest backup to the Chairman

Date of Next Meeting

Tuesday 12th September 2017

The Chairman closed the meeting at 21.05 hours

Chairman                                                                                                                             Clerk