Have Your Say On The Highways


As we are all aware there is great concern from our community with regard to the main A39 highway, associated side roads and pedestrian areas through our villages.  We are all aware of incidents of excessive speeds and dangers that sometimes occur along the main road, at our pedestrian crossings, and the School etc.  

These concerns remain an issue on the monthly Parish Council (PC) agenda and reports are received on a regular basis from parishioners. Following a recent meeting with the B&NES highways officer a possible route towards action was established which the PC can facilitate. B&NES are inundated with highways issues, requests, complaints and reports all of which create high workload on the Highways dept.   This can cause delay in getting answers.  

To ensure that the views of High Littleton and Hallatrow parishioners are available to B&NES the PC is establishing a consultation process so you can have your say by submitting a form directly back to the PC.   We will undertake the data collection and analysis which will then be presented at a meeting directly with the Highways managers.  Hopefully this will provide for a quicker route to B&NES consultation and help to inform possible future remedial actions. Shortly we will be commencing the consultation period for 28 days for all comments and suggestions to be collated, all with regards to the Highways within the Parish. So if you have concerns about traffic within the village, pick up a form at the post office, or download here. Complete the form (please contain your detail on the form as further letters cannot be handled) return it via email or at the post office counter all within the 28 day consultation period. Forms received after this period cannot be collated and will not be acted on.     

This is your chance to comment and perhaps make an impact on the safety of our villages for all to benefit.     

Consultation period is open for 28 days from: Monday 1st October until Monday 29th October.   

Return via email to:   consultation@highlittleton.org.uk 

or hand in at High Littleton Post Office    

Lewis Salvidge  

Vice Chair High Littleton Parish Council