Minutes 9 April 2024 Parish Council meeting

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Minutes of the Annual Meeting of High Littleton Parish Council held on Tuesday 9 April 2024. 

Councillors present 

C Lindley, M Whiting, K Fuglesang, P Ghillyer, S Gould and L Sheen. 

Opportunity for the members of the public to speak (the public are asked to limit their address to 5 minutes with maximum time allowed 20 minutes). Please note that the Parish Council cannot make a decision on any item which is not on the agenda, but items may be put forward for a future agenda. 

  1. The Council heard concerns from residents re the proposed expansion of Hallatrow Business Park. 

The Council noted these concerns and confirmed that no Parish Council comment would be made until a formal application has been submitted.  

  1. Applicant and agent re planning application 24/00961/FUL were in attendance to answer any questions.  


2404.1 Apologies – to note apologies for absence 

Apologies were received and accepted from R Lane, A Godwin.  And apologies were received from Ward Cllr A Morgan.  

2404.2 [TO RESOLVE] To confirm and approve minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on the 12 March 2024 

Resolved – the Council agreed that the 12 March 2024 minutes were a true and correct record of the meeting. 

2404.3 Declarations of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests and Request for Dispensations 

To receive declaration of any members personal or prejudicial interest in any item on the agenda 


Development Control, Forestry Works and Footpath Diversions 

2404.4 Planning applications to consider and decide comment for submission to B&NES 

a) Applications to consult 

[TO RESOLVE] 24/00961/FUL Rolmar High Street High Littleton BS39 6HW 

Formation of a parking space 

Resolved to support this application subject to the installation of a dropped kerb.  

b) To note decision notifications 

23/04622/VAR Hallatrow Business Park Wells Road Hallatrow BS39 6EX  

Variation of condition 7 (Plans List (Compliance)) of application 22/02775/FUL (Change of use to learning and non-residential institutions (Use Class F1) for a temporary three year period with associated siting of porta-cabins and shipping containers (part retrospective)). Condition Number(s): Condition 7 – Approved plans Conditions(s) Removal: Please see covering letter Please see covering letter  

Pending consideration 

 23/04623/VAR Hallatrow Business Park Wells Road Hallatrow BS39 6EX  

Variation of condition 9 (Plans List (Compliance)) of application 22/02777/FUL (Change of use to storage or distribution (Use Class B8) for a temporary three year period with associated siting of porta-cabins and shipping containers). Condition Number(s): Condition 9 – Approved Plans Conditions(s) Removal: Please see covering letter  

Pending consideration 

23/04687/FUL Hallatrow Business Park Wells Road Hallatrow BS39 6EX  

Material change of use (temporary) for B8 use and associated operational development (in connection with adjacent permitted use) (Retrospective). 

Pending consideration 

23/03092/LBA The Grange, Paulton Road, Hallatrow,  BS39 6EG  

External alterations for the replacement roof covering includes new tiles, battens and underlay. 

Pending consideration 

23/04686/FUL Parcel 0172 Wells Road Hallatrow   

Material change of use (temporary) for F1 use and associated operational development (in connection with adjacent permitted use) (Retrospective) 

Pending consideration 

2404.5 [TO RESOLVE] To consider and decide timing and format of the Annual Parish (Residents) meeting 2024 

Resolved to approve that Annual Parish Meeting to be held at 6.30pm on Tuesday 14 May 2024 to be followed immediately by the Annual Parish Council Meeting.  

2404.6 [TO RESOLVE] To consider and decide project(s) for the Ward Empowerment Fund 

Resolved to approve funds to be used towards planters, bulbs, seeds and soil.  C Lindley to liaise with Ward Cllr A Morgan.  

2404.7 [TO RESOLVE] To consider and decide action to be taken re restoration of power or relocation of defibrillator in Hallatrow 

Deferred – electricity is reported to still be connected to the device.  S Gould to liaise with B&NES Council.  

2404.8 [TO RESOLVE] To consider and decide action to be taken re dangerous parking by traffic calming bollard on New Road 

Resolved to approved request/support for double yellow lines at the location.  Clerk to respond to B&NES Council email and request Ward Cllr support.  

2404.09 [TO RESOLVE] To consider and decide installation of a Vehicle Activated Sign on Paulton Road 

Resolved to request a quote from B&NES approved supplier/installer.  Clerk to request.  

2404.10[ TO RESOLVE] To consider and approve areas for the May sweep 

Resolved to approve – The Triangle at Hallatrow, The Grange at Hallatrow, weeds on Hallatrow bridge, leaves and debris on steps at High Littleton Batch.  

2404.11 [TO RESOLVE] To consider and approve risk register 


2404.12 [TO RESOLVE] To approve the following finances for April 

a) Payments – Resolved to approve the following items for payment in April   

 Description Amount £ 
DD Sage Payroll – Apr 2024 9.60 
DD Pension Contributions– Mar 2024 37.77 
SO D Stephenson – website maintenance 25.00 
Total  72.37 
002655 Kirsty Headlong Apr 2024 Salary Pension PAYE Tax National Insurance Working from home allowance Net Total Clerk’s Expenses Mar 2024 mileage & stationery Cheque Total  1059.5 (21.58) (179.60)(0.92) 26.00 883.40 4.57 887.97 
002656 HMRC Employer’s and Employee’s NI Apr 2024 Apr 2024 Tax – K Headlong Total 42.53 179.60 222.13 
002657 Npower – streetlighting elec , final invoice 104.39 
002658 Amazon – mph signs 15.26 
002659 Austin Sage – Rec Gound grass cutting Mar 2024 290.00 
002660 Dial A Ride 2024 grant 200.00 
002661 Branching Out – cemetery grass cutting x 2, white cross x 1, street cleaning x 1, Algon moss treatment, spraying and power washing – Mar 2024 1150.00 
002662 ALCA – subscription 2024 583.16 
Cheque Total   £3452.91 
Grand Total   £3525.28 

b) To note receipts  

April 2024 precept instalment from B&NES – £19 500 

2404.13 To receive any updates on district matters from Ward Cllr Ann Morgan 

Ward Cllr A Morgan reported (via email) that she is liaising with B&NES refuse on the possibility of a bin to be sited at the front of Rosewell for dog walkers and residents. 

2404.14 To receive reports and updates on current items 

  1. Allotments    

The Council noted one half allotment vacant – Clerk to advertise.                                                                     

  1. Recreation Ground 

K Fuglesang reported one quote for guttering has been obtained and a second is being sought.  

  1. Police and Neighbourhood Watch      

Clerk to request a report for the May meeting.                                          

  1. School Governors 

No news/updates.  

  1. Grass and Cemetery  

The Council noted that the path has been treated and cleared of moss.  

  1. Charity of Mary Jones 

No news/updates.  

  1. Parish Magazine  

No news/updates.  

  1. Greyfield Wood  

No news/updates.  

  1. Environmental Group  

No news/updates.  

  1. Parish sweeping  

See item 2404.10. 

  1. Highway/footpath Issues  

The Council noted the VAS outside the school will be relocated.  

  1. Transport/buses 

The Council noted that surrounding parishes are being served better with alternative public transport than High LIttleton parish.  

  1. Neighbourhood Plan 

S Gould reported that he is liaising with B&NEs as the plan has been with them for the last 2 months.  

  1. Streetlighting 

The Council agreed to leave the lamp out at the top of the Gug in place and not to repair as they have received no complaints.  

  1. Rosewell Home 

L Sheen reported that he will be liaising with J Rees-Mogg on the ownership of the home.  

  1. Church Farm 

No news/updates.  

  1. Charitable donations – to be removed from the agenda  
  1. Councillor vacancies 

The Council noted one remaining vacancy.  Any interested residents to contact the Clerk or any Councillor.  

  1. Improving Communication with the community 

C Lindley reported on progress of the questionnaire compiled for residents at the Annual Residents Meeting in May.  

  1. Audit 2023.24 

The Clerk reported initial instructions have been received and once complete the documents will be passed to P Richards (retired Councillor) and S Gould for review before being submitted for internal audit.  

2404.15 Correspondence 

  1. [TO RESOLVE] To consider and decide request from BWCE to run local Green Open Homes events – to be removed from the agenda 

2404.16 Items for next meeting 

End of year accounts 


Review bank signatories 

Annual Parish and Annual Parish Council meeting.  

Councillor areas of responsibility 

2404.17 To note future meetings 

ALCA Meeting –11 June 2024 7.30-8.30pm 

Chew Valley Area Forum Meeting – 20 June 2024 

Parish Liaison Meeting – 26 June 2024 (Keynsham), 17 July 2024, 18 September 2024, (Keynsham) 6.30-8.30 pm 

Date of next meeting – 14 May 2024                

The Chairman closed the meeting at 8.05pm.                                                            

Simon Gould Chairman Kirsty Headlong Clerk