Minutes of the Meeting of the High Littleton Parish Council held on Tuesday 13th December 2016

Minutes of the Meeting of the High Littleton Parish Council held on Tuesday 13th December 2016


Councillors present  

Mr P Wyatt (Chairman), Mr R Hitchens, Mr N Pollett, Mr L Salvidge, Mr P Savage and Mr J Petchey



Opportunity for the members of the public to speak

There was 1 member of the public present. A resident from High Littleton informed the Council that a bollard by the new roundabout in Hallatrow is black and cannot be seen easily by motorists



Mr S Skelhorn, Mr L Sheen, Mr P Allen and District Councillor Les Kew


Minutes of the Parish Meeting held on the 8th November 2016

These were signed as a true and correct record of the meeting by the Chairman after two amendments, under Neighbourhood Plan the email address should read info.hlhnp@gmail.com.  At the end of the minutes it should say “The Chairman closed the meeting at 21.34 hours”


Declarations of Discloseable Pecuniary Interests and Request for Dispensations

Mr Peter Savage – 16/05601/FUL rents a garage adjacent to the application

Mr Nick Pollett – 16//04621/FUL is a neighbour to the application

Mr Lewis Salvidge – 16/05745/FUL is a neighbour to the application


Development Control, Forestry Works and Footpath Diversions

16/03808/FUL Erection of 4no. dwellings following demolition of existing dwelling, garage and outbuildings. White Chimneys, Paulton Road, Hallatrow

Awaiting a decision


16/03914/FUL  Demolition of existing building and erection of 6no dwellings and associated works. The Yard, High Street, High Littleton

Awaiting a decision


16/04621/FUL  Erection of a rear extension to provide additional covered wash and dry area (Revised Scheme). White Cross Garage, White Cross, Hallatrow

Permitted. To be removed from the agenda


16/04535/FUL  Erection of a dwelling following demolition of the outbuilding. 33 Parklands, High Littleton

Awaiting a decision


16/05007/FUL  Renovation and extension of former farmhouse. Greyfield Wood Farm, Greyfield Wood, High Littleton (Outside the Parish)

Awaiting a decision


16/04962/FUL  Erection of two storey side extension and auxiliary works. 40 Rotcombe Lane, High Littleton

Permitted. To be removed from the agenda


16/05238/ADCOU Prior approval request for change of use from Agricultural Building to Dwelling (C3) and associated building operations. Agricultural Building, Harts Lane, Hallatrow

Awaiting a decision


New Planning Applications

16/05332/FUL  Provision of 3 no. dormer windows to north elevation (Retrospective). Brooklands, Paulton Road, Hallatrow

The Council agreed to Object in Principle due to invasion of neighbourhood privacy


16/05601/FUL  Erection of 1no. bungalow with associated works to rear of No.1 Fairview (Resubmission). 1 Fairview New Road, High Littleton

The Council agreed to Support this application subject to the Planning Authority making a condition that the existing garage shall at all times be available to the proposed dwelling for vehicular parking and that the current rear entrance, which services the Applicant’s property, shall be permanently closed.


16/05745/FUL  Erection of a detached garage. The Gables Hallatrow Hill, Hallatrow

The Council agreed to Support this application


16/05766/ADCOU  Prior approval request for change of use to Agricultural Barn to Dwelling (C3) and associated operational development. Calf Shed West of Broom Hill, Broom Hill Lane, High Littleton

The Council agreed to Comments only with this application, stating that it is out of character with the Village Design Statement.


16/05799/ADCOU  Prior approval request for change of use to Agricultural Barn to Dwelling (C3) and associated operational development. Beef Shed East of Broom Hill, Broom Hill Lane, High Littleton

The Council agreed to Comments only with this application, stating that it is out of character with the Village Design Statement.


Other Planning matters



Agenda Items

  1. Parish Plan – Highways & Environment
  • New roundabout and associated work at Paulton Road and A39 junction, following feasibility study to Paulton and surrounding area in connection with the Polestar Development, including Village Gate, Paulton Road

Mr Dan Miller (B&NES Engineer Design Group) emailed the Clerk to ask if the Council had decided on a design for the Village Gateway. The Council agreed that the Clerk should inform Mr Miller that the children of High Littleton School will have a designing competition in the New Year.


  • Enhancement of area between New Road and Scumbrum Lane


No news


  • Hallatrow Hill footway – Phase 2 (Road Speeds on A39 particularly by Langfords Lane and Highbury Road in Hallatrow)

No news


  • Zebra Crossing High Street – problems with impaired visibility due to queuing traffic and general traffic problems and a suggestion of a repaint

The Council discussed whether the zebra crossing requires a repaint. The Council felt it does not.


  • Request for sign at the New Road chicane denoting priority to vehicles leaving the village

The Council discussed the above suggestion and requested that the Clerk contact Mr S Chiffers (B&NES Traffic Engineer) to ask if he would consider priority signs at the chicane.


  1.  Highway related matters

The Highways Maintenance Sheet was updated


  1.  Bus Stops / Bus Shelters/ Bus Services


  • New bus shelter opposite the Post Office


Mrs Avril England (B&NES Public Transport Officer) informed the Clerk that the RTI should now be in place. The Council agreed to check.



  • The reduction in the bus service and the impact on parishioners


The Clerk sent the publics and the Council’s complaints about the changes of the bus services and the impact on the parishioners to First Bus. No news. The Clerk was requested to chase.

  1. Youth Service Matters

No news


  1. B&NES Placemaking Plans

No news


  1. Footpath Matters
  • Footpath Sign off Greyfield Road leading to Greyfield Wood needs replacing

The Clerk was requested by the Council to ask Mr S Skelhorn if he has re-sited the sign.


  • Footpath gates on CL11/17 and CL 11/18 – vegetation needs clearing from stile/gates

The Clerk informed Mrs Sheila Petherbridge (B&NES Footpaths Officer) of the above. Mrs Petherbridge replied that she cut round the kissing gate CL11/18 on Langfords Lane. It was just a bit of hedge and dead nettles, as no one uses it because they use the gateway further up the road. The stile on CL11/17 on Langfords Lane is fine, no overgrowth and everyone walks round it. The keyhole stile on the main road opposite the churchyard was fine as was the way through for both paths to the open field.  This is subject to 2 cuts on the cutting schedule. Mrs Petherbridge is not really sure why this was reported.


  1. Methodist Church – Update Review

No news


  1. Neighbourhood Plans/Parish Plans

The Clerk forwarded the Neighbourhood Planning bill to the Councillors and notified the Councillors of the Neighbourhood Planning Event to be held on 25th January 2017at the Guildhall in Bath.

Mr P Savage provided the Council with feedback from “The Drop in” event on 26th November 2016. Mrs Rachel Tidcombe has collated the data from the meeting which was sent to the Steering Group.

The Council had agreed to £200 for distribution of leaflet, but the current costs are more. Mr R Hitchens proposed that the Council agree to pay the extra costs of £139. This was seconded by Mr J Petchey and carried unanimously.

The next Steering Group meeting will be held on 15th January 2017


  1. Council looking at establishing internet connection to Church hall

There is now Internet connection to the Church Hall. The Chairman thanked Mr L Salvidge with all his hard work sorting out this matter.


  1. Christmas trees and dressing for 2016

The Clerk informed the Carol Service Committee that they are covered by the Council’s insurance providing a Councillor is on the sub-committee.


There were problems once again with the supply of the Christmas trees. The supplier provided one of the tress far too large and needed to almost be cut in half. The trees are also too big at the base and Somer 2000 have to make alterations to be able to place in the socket. Somer 2000 sent a report covering the many problems.  The Council discussed the matter and agreed that next year, the supplier should be Alan Tibbs the son and not the father and that he should be asked to erect the two Christmas trees


  1. New website search for Parish Council

The Clerk has arranged to see Mr Peter Green and Mr Simon Conway separately on the 19th December 2016 at her home to discuss a new website design. The Clerk asked the Council to let her know if there is anything they wish add or change to the website.


Reports from Representatives


No news


Recreation Ground

Mr John Petchey provided a verbal report. The Recreation Grounds AGM is on 15th January at 11.00am


Police and Neighbourhood Watch   

The Clerk emailed to thank PC Peard for his attendance in the October 2016 meeting.       



School Governors

Nothing to report


Grass and Cemetery

No news


Parish Magazine “News and Views”  

No news


Greyfield Wood  

  • Litter bin request for edge of Greyfield Wood and re-siting bin at Gas box Greyfield Road

The Clerk was requested to ask Mr S Skelhorn if he has had any contact with Mrs K Meopham (B&NES Neighbourhood Waste Management) about meeting up with the Cleansing Supervisor, with regards to re-siting the bin.


Street Cleansing Update  

The Clerk asked Mr Monty Meerhozt (B&NES Operations Manager Cleansing) if the leaves could be swept in the Parish. Mr Colin Dobson (B&NES Senior Supervisor – Cleansing) replied that he has asked his team to deal with leaves in Church Hill (A39) in High Littleton Wells Road (A39) in Hallatrow. Mr Dobson noted that the bus stop area on the Wells Road to has to be completed, and has asked his team to complete this work as soon as possible.

The Clerk and Mr P Savage met with Mr Wayne Bridges (WJB – Parish Sweeper) to discuss the status of the parish sweeping. The Clerk forwarded a report of the meeting to the Council. Mr Bridges noted several problems from the last sweep, particularly the weeds regrowth and wondered if the B&NES weed spraying was done just before it rained or the weed killer was not sufficiently strong enough. Mr Bridges said he had collected 16 tons of weeds and vegetation overgrowth from the roadside. Mr Bridges said he would finish the remainder of the sweep in early December 2016. Mr Bridges continued to say that now he knows what is in store, he believes that future sweeps take one month and cost £5000. If the Council were agreeable, June would be a good month to undertake the work. B&NES could be asked to spray the weeds in May. The Council discussed the situation with the parish sweeping. The Council requested that Clerk forward the photograph sent by Mr Bridges of Paulton pavement virtually covered in overgrowth, and to ask B&NES to clear this, as it is a dangerous to public.


Parish Liaison Meeting

Nothing to report


Items of interest from District Councillor:



Correspondence for Action:


  • Decision Notices received in respect of Code of Conduct complaints against High Littleton Parish Councillors


The above matter was discussed by the Council and it was agreed to remove it from the agenda


  • Parishioners question of the status of the Community Speed Watch

A parishioner on Facebook has asked the status of the Community Speed Watch. The Council discussed the matter and felt that Mr S Skelhorn needs to advise the Council how the speed watch gun can be used


  • From Facebook – Request for signs on Eastover/Southover footway stating dog faeces must be put in bin

The Clerk was requested to ask the B&NES Dog Warden for a dog littering sign


  • Damaged wall 6 Rotcombe Vale – allegedly by the refuse collection vehicles

The Council discussed the matter and agreed that the complainant should be advised to take photographs and send to B&NES. To be removed from the agenda



  • Receipt of £1387.50. The High Littleton Parish Council share of the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) generated by the development at Timsbury Road. Ref:- 16/00566/FUL

The Council are still considering what they would like to spend this money on


  • Continuing precept discussion

The Council agreed to wait until next month to set the Precept in case there is any unexpected expenditure


For Payment:

The following cheques were approved for payment December 2016:-

Cheque 897 To Pauline Young
Clerk’s pay November 16 964.33
Less Nov16 Tax (NB rebate due to new tax code) (-65.60)
Less November 16 NI Contribution

Less November Pension Contribution



Net Total 991.06
Travel for November  16 28.35
Total                1019.41
Cheque 898 Post Office Ltd
Employee’s Nov 16 Tax (rebate – new tax code) -65.60
Employer’s and Employee’s November 16 NI 74.78
Total                      9.18
Cheque 899 E.ON – Electric for November 16 54.58
Cheque 900 P Young – Stationery and Council mobile top up 70.00
Cheque 901 SLCC – Annual subscription 139.00
Cheque 902 B&NES – Triangle rent 1.00
Cheque 903 Cam Valley – Annual membership 5.00
Cheque 904 V Smith – Distributing leaflets re Neighbourhood Plan 140.00
Cheque 905 Tony Hurry – Stationery re Neighbourhood Plan 118.98
Cheque 906 Nick Pollett – Tibbs 2 Christmas Trees 370.00
Cheque 907 WJB – Parish Sweeping 2500.00
Total               4,427.15


Matters Chairman considers Urgent


Mr R Hitchens handed a signed resignation to the Council in his role as Vice Chairman for High Littleton Parish Council


The Council requested that the Defibrillator is put on the agenda


Items for Next Meeting  

Set Precept for 2017/2018

Exchange of Parish Council Data back up on Cruzer Blade Exchange

The Clerk gave the latest back up to the Chairman


Date of Next Meeting

Tuesday 10th January 2017



Chairman                                                                                                Clerk