High Littleton Parish Council meeting agenda 14th November 2017

You are summoned to attend a meeting of the Parish Council at 7.00pm on Tuesday 14th November 2017 at the Church Hall, Church Hill, High Littleton.


Opportunity for the members of the public to speak (the public are asked to limit their address to 5 minutes)

New Councillor to sign Acceptance of Office


Minutes of the Parish Meeting held on the 10th October 2017

Declarations of Discloseable Pecuniary Interests and Request for Dispensations

Development Control, Forestry Works and Footpath Diversions

16/03808/FUL Erection of 4no. dwellings following demolition of existing dwelling, garage and outbuildings. White Chimneys, Paulton Road, Hallatrow

17/04073/FUL  Demolition of existing garage and existing rear glazed extension, replacement with a side and rear extension and a dormer window. Hillcrest Westwood Avenue, High Littleton

17/04074/ADCOU and 17/04074/FUL Conversion of agricultural building to dwelling. Brickhouse Farm, White Cross, Hallatrow

17/04525/FUL Erection of two storey side extension following demolition of existing garage (Resubmission of previous application 17/03099/FUL), 17, Rotcombe Lane, High Littleton

17/04505/FUL Installation of 4 glazed canopies to the Southern Elevation of the West Wing, alterations to 9 ground floor windows on the West Wing front elevation to form new door openings, the introduction of a stone facade and new canopy to the main entrance, the enacting of approval 16/00833/FUL for a new dormer over the eastern projection and mirroring this approved dormer with a further dormer on the front western projection, the installation of a slate roof over the Western Conservatory and Internal arrangements to reduce the number of rooms from 80 to 52. Rosewell Community Home Church Hill High Littleton

17/04586/FUL  Erection of single storey rear extension, following demolition of existing single storey structure and conversion of existing store to habitable space. Willow Tree House, High Littleton

New Planning Applications

17/04744/FUL  Creation of a driveway that will front on to Scumbrum Lane. The driveway will be 10m long and 4m wide. Lyndale 6 Westwood Avenue, High Littleton

17/04438/FUL  Erection of detached dwelling and detached garage. New House, High Street, High Littleton


17/00069/RF Erection of 1 No. bungalow with associated works to the rear of 1 Fairview (Resubmission), 1 Fairview, New Road, High Littleton

Other Planning matters

Church Farm scaffolding and other planning matters

2018 Local Plan – HEELA

 Agenda Items

  1. Parish Plan – Highways & Environment
  • New roundabout and associated work at Paulton Road and A39 junction, following feasibility study to Paulton and surrounding area in connection with the Polestar Development, including Village Gate, Paulton Road
  • Hallatrow Hill footway – Phase 2 (Road Speeds on A39 particularly by Langfords Lane and Highbury Road in Hallatrow)
  • Review of speed limits in the parish
  • Traffic and parking issues on New Road near chicane
  • £500,000 scheme to improve traffic flow on A39
  • Air pollution levels and concerns on the A39
  • Harts Lane Speeding complaint
  1. Highway related matters
  2. Bus Stops / Bus Shelters/ Bus Services
  • The reduction in the bus service and the impact on parishioners
  1. Youth Service Matters
  2. Footpath Matters
  • Damage to footpath from the Recreation Ground to Southover Road
  • Residents complaint of overgrown area by Rotcombe Lane to Eastover
  1. Methodist Church – Update Review
  2. Neighbourhood Plans
  3. Defibrillator
  4. Parishioners question of the status of the Community Speed Watch
  5. Bench installation requests in the Parish
  • Memorial Bench request for Rotcombe Lane
  • Scumbrum Lane/New Road bench
  1. Councillor Vacancies
  2. Christmas trees – suppliers and dressers
  3. Community Empowerment fund – letter from Paul Myers Cabinet Minister Policy, Localism and Partnerships
  4. Grit bin request for Lansdown Place/Close
  5. Review Standing Orders
  6. Plants for Village

Reports from Representatives 


Recreation Ground

Police and Neighbourhood Watch                                             

School Governors

Grass and Cemetery

  •   Email from a former resident regarding the poor state of the footpaths

Parish Magazine “News and Views”  

Greyfield Wood  

Street Cleansing Update 

Parish Liaison Meeting                                                              

Facebook feedback 

Items of interest from District Councillor:

Correspondence for Action:

  • Lauren Noble from “Forever Friends” would like to speak at meeting about fund raising
  • Lorinda Trebaczyk (B&NES Campaigns Manager Neighbourhood Environmental Services) request for site for residents to collect bins and bags


  • Quarterly Accounts
  • Start Precept discussion by tabling initial draft
  • Clerk request that the Council purchase the latest addition of Charles Arnold Baker

For Payment:

Clerk’s Oct 2017 pay and expenses; Post Office Ltd – Oct 2017 Tax and National Insurance; E.ON Electric – Oct 2017; Primrose Garden Maintenance – Oct Grass Cutting Cemetery; M Stevens – Oct Grass cutting Recreation Ground; P Young – Stationery; Trenjory Designs – Editing News and Views; Fosseway Press – Printing News and Views; WJB Services – Parish Sweeping; Grant Thornton – External Audit; ALCA – Chairman’s Course.

Matters Chairman considers Urgent

Items for Next Meeting 

Precept discussion

Exchange of Parish Council Data back up on Cruzer Blade Exchange

Date of Next Meeting

Tuesday 12th December 2017

Chairman                                                                                                                             Clerk