Minutes of the Meeting of the High Littleton Parish Council held on Tuesday 10th January 2017

Minutes of the Meeting of the High Littleton Parish Council held on Tuesday 10th January 2017


Councillors present  

Mr P Wyatt (Chairman), Mr S Skelhorn, Mr L Salvidge, Mr P Savage, Mr P Allen, Mr L Sheen, Mr J Petchey and District Councillor Les Kew



Opportunity for the members of the public to speak

There were 8 members of the public present. 6 residents from Hallatrow addressed the Council with their objections to the planning application 16/03808/FUL White Chimneys, Hallatrow. They listed the following:- loss of privacy, the development would be over powering, the trees are protected, it would be out of character, there would be parking problems and accessing Claremont Gardens would be difficult. The public were informed that the Council has objected to this application and were given the Council’s reasons. Mr Kew informed the public that this application is not down for the Development Management Committee at this present time. A resident from Hallatrow informed the Council that there is still a problem of vehicles parking outside the parking bays by Bloomfield Cottages, Wells Road. This would cause a problem with visual display when 15 houses opposite are built. The Council suggested that the resident take photographs of the problem.  The High Littleton Parish Council has already identified a problem with access and that evidence would be useful.



Mr R Hitchens and Mr N Pollett


Minutes of the Parish Meeting held on the 13th December 2016

These were signed as a true and correct record of the meeting by the Chairman after one amendment, under Declarations of Interest it should read “Mr Peter Savage – 16/05601/FUL rents a garage adjacent to the application. Mr Nick Pollett – 16//04621/FUL is a neighbour to the application. Mr Lewis Salvidge – 16/05745/FUL is a neighbour to the application”


Declarations of Discloseable Pecuniary Interests and Request for Dispensations

Mr Peter Savage – 16/05601/FUL rents a garage adjacent to the application


Development Control, Forestry Works and Footpath Diversions

16/03808/FUL Erection of 4no. dwellings following demolition of existing dwelling, garage and outbuildings. White Chimneys, Paulton Road, Hallatrow

The Council discussed the public’s comments about the above planning application and requested that the Clerk write to the Case Officer formally requesting that if the Case Officer is of a mind to permit this application that it is taken to the Development Management Committee


16/03914/FUL  Demolition of existing building and erection of 6no dwellings and associated works. The Yard, High Street, High Littleton

Awaiting a decision


16/04535/FUL  Erection of a dwelling following demolition of the outbuilding. 33 Parklands, High Littleton

Awaiting a decision. At development management committee on the 11th January 2017


16/05007/FUL  Renovation and extension of former farmhouse. Greyfield Wood Farm, Greyfield Wood, High Littleton (Outside the Parish)

Permitted. To be removed from the agenda


16/05238/ADCOU Prior approval request for change of use from Agricultural Building to Dwelling (C3) and associated building operations. Agricultural Building, Harts Lane, Hallatrow

Approved. To be removed from the agenda


16/05332/FUL  Provision of 3 no. dormer windows to north elevation (Retrospective). Brooklands, Paulton Road, Hallatrow

Permitted. To be removed from the agenda


16/05601/FUL  Erection of 1no. bungalow with associated works to rear of No.1 Fairview (Resubmission). 1 Fairview New Road, High Littleton

Awaiting a decision


16/05745/FUL  Erection of a detached garage. The Gables Hallatrow Hill, Hallatrow

Awaiting a decision


16/05766/ADCOU  Prior approval request for change of use to Agricultural Barn to Dwelling (C3) and associated operational development. Calf Shed West of Broom Hill, Broom Hill Lane, High Littleton

Awaiting a decision


16/05799/ADCOU  Prior approval request for change of use to Agricultural Barn to Dwelling (C3) and associated operational development. Beef Shed East of Broom Hill, Broom Hill Lane, High Littleton

Awaiting a decision


New Planning Applications

16/05921/FUL  Erection of detached bungalow and new detached garage for existing dwelling. Willow Glade, 17 Scobel Rise, High Littleton

The Council agreed to support this application


16/06152/FUL  Erection of two storey side extension. Mai-See View Scumbrum Lane, High Littleton

The Council agreed to Object in Principle due to overdevelopment


16/06139/CLEU  Subdivision of main dwelling into 2 no. dwellings (Certificate of Lawfulness of existing Use). The Croft, Bristol Road, Farrington Gurney

The Council agreed to support this application


Other Planning matters



Agenda Items

  1. Parish Plan – Highways & Environment
  • New roundabout and associated work at Paulton Road and A39 junction, following feasibility study to Paulton and surrounding area in connection with the Polestar Development, including Village Gate, Paulton Road

The Clerk informed Mr Dan Miller ((B&NES Engineer Design Group) that the children of High Littleton School will have a designing competition in the New Year for the Village Gateway design. Mr Miller replied that he thought it is a good idea. The Deputy Head of High Littleton School informed Mr L Salvidge that he is pleased that the children are involved in the Village Gateway design. The Deputy Head asked for guidelines as to the design. Mr L Salvidge will inform him that then Council do not have set. The feedback from the public regarding the new roundabout at A39 and Paulton Road, is that it flows really well and there is less noise.



  • Enhancement of area between New Road and Scumbrum Lane


Mr Dan Miller emailed Mr P Wyatt to ask if the Council if they would be happy with Manchester bollards to stop parking on the new surface. The Council discussed the suggestion and agreed that they would prefer a tree planted on this area which would prevent vehicles being parked there.


  • Hallatrow Hill footway – Phase 2 (Road Speeds on A39 particularly by Langfords Lane and Highbury Road in Hallatrow)

No news


  • Zebra Crossing High Street

No news


  • Request for sign at the New Road chicane denoting priority to vehicles leaving the village

The Clerk emailed Mr S Chiffers (B&NES Traffic Engineer) to ask if he would consider priority signs at the chicane. Mr Chiffers replied that his view has not changed and believes this section of road works well the majority of time, except for the time inconsiderate drivers feel they wish to drive through when other vehicles have set off. His professional view is that if a formal priority system was introduced the results would be exacerbated and driver behaviour would worsen. To Council agreed to remove from the agenda


  1. Highway related matters

The Highways maintenance sheet was updated


  1.  Bus Stops / Bus Shelters/ Bus Services


  • New bus shelter opposite the Post Office


The new RTI has now been installed. The Council owe B&NES £2,500 for this (monies from Curo Housing towards the project). The Clerk was requested to inform Mrs Avril England (B&NES Public Transport Officer)



  • The reduction in the bus service and the impact on parishioners


The Clerk wrote again to First Bus and asked them to reply to the last letter. No news


  1. Youth Service Matters

No news


  1. B&NES Placemaking Plans

The Clerk forwarded to the Councillors an email from Mr Richard Daone (B&NES Team Manager – Planning Policy). B&NES have now heard informally from the Planning Inspector regarding the Main Modifications to the Placemaking Plan that she considers are necessary for the Plan to be sound. The Inspector has advised that the Modifications required are largely those set out in the schedule of rolling changes put forward by the Council during the Examination hearings. Website address for information provided. The Inspector is not proposing any additional modifications. The Main Modifications will be subject to 6 weeks public consultation next year from 5th January to 14th February 2017. Comments received will then be considered by the Inspector prior to her issuing her Final Report, after which the Plan will proceed to adoption by the Council.


  1. Footpath Matters
  • Footpath Sign off Greyfield Road leading to Greyfield Wood needs replacing

The Clerk emailed Mr S Skelhorn to ask if he has repositioned the sign. Mr S Skelhorn informed the Council that he is looking into it. The Council discussed the increasing speed of traffic along the newly tarmacked footpath CL 6/40 leading the Greyfield Woods. The Clerk was requested to inform Mrs Sheila Petherbridge (B&NES Public Footpath Officer) and request an onsite meeting with Mr L Salvidge


  1. Methodist Church – Update Review

No news


  1. Neighbourhood Plans/Parish Plans

The next meeting of the Steering group will be held on the 15th January 2017. Mr P Savage provided the Council with the progress of the Neighbourhood Plan. Matters are moving forward and they will soon be in the position to put together the first draft


  1. Christmas trees and dressing for 2016

Mr L Salvidge recommended that the Council contact the supplier of the two trees and request that they deliver the trees to the Parish. To be removed from the agenda.


  1. New website search for Parish Council

The Clerk met with 2 different website designers to discuss the prospect of a new website. The Clerk provided feedback of the meetings. Ongoing.


  1. Election of Vice-Chairman

Mr R Hitchens resigned as Vice-Chairman last month. Mr Leonard Sheen proposed that Mr L Salvidge is elected Vice- Chairman of High Littleton Parish Council. This was seconded by Mr P Allen and unanimously agreed.


  1. Defibrillator

The Council discussed a possible defibrillator for Hallatrow. The High Littleton one has been taken to a scene.


  1. Rural Facilities Audit

The Clerk forwarded to the Councillors the present Rural Facilities Audit to the Councillor for their comments. The Council discussed the changes. The Clerk to send the amended copy to Mrs J O’Rourke (B&NES Planning Policy Officer)

Reports from Representatives


No news


Recreation Ground

Mr P Allen provided the Council with a verbal report. The next AGM is on the 22nd January 2017


Police and Neighbourhood Watch

Mr S Skelhorn provided the Council with a verbal report


School Governors

Nothing to report


Grass and Cemetery

  • Primrose Garden Maintenance Grass Cutting contract ended in 2016. New one required or tenders

The Council requested that the Clerk ask Primrose Garden Maintenance for a quotation for a further three year contract


Parish Magazine “News and Views”   

No news


Greyfield Wood  

  • Litter bin request for edge of Greyfield wood and re-siting bin at Gas box Greyfield Road

The Clerk emailed Mr S Skelhorn to ask if he had been in contact with Mrs Kate Meopham (B&NES Waste Management Officer) about the litter bin re-siting at Greyfield Wood. Mr Skelhorn informed the Council that he still cannot make contact with Mrs Meopham


Street Cleansing Update  

  • Council to discuss feedback and comments from Mr Wayne Bridges (WJB)

The Council discussed Mr Wayne Bridges feedback from the last Parish Sweep. The Council requested that the Clerk ask for the dog fouling signs to be put up on the footpath between Southover Close and the Recreation Ground and the footpath from the old Post Office to The Grove. The Council discussed Mr Bridge’s quotation of £5000 for a month’s street cleaning work and the weed spraying carried out last year by B&NES that was ineffective. Mr L Kew agreed to speak to Mr Monty Meerholz (B&NES Operations Manager – Cleansing) about the weed killer used. The Clerk was requested to ask Mr Bridge’s for a quotation for just clearing litter and fallen leaves in the late Autumn. The Clerk emailed Mr Colin Dobson (B&NES Senior Supervisor  – Cleansing) and sent him the photo taken by Mr Wayne Bridges of the overgrown vegetation on the pavement on Paulton Road and asked if the vegetation  could be removed


Parish Liaison Meeting

No news


Items of interest from District Councillor:

Mr L Kew provided the Council with the latest on the Devolution


Correspondence for Action:

  • Parishioners question of the status of the Community Speed Watch

Mr S Skelhorn informed the Council that Camera Partnership has replaced Community Speed watch. To be put on the agenda.



  • Receipt of £1387.50. The High Littleton Parish Council share of the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) generated by the development at Timsbury Road. Ref:- 16/00566/FUL

The Council discussed what the CIL could be spent on. The following suggestions were made.

Play equipment for the Recreation Ground, a defibrillator, a new website design.


  • Set Precept for 2017/2018

Mr P Wyatt proposed that the Council set the Precept at £26,500 for 2017/2018 and accept the presented budget sheet for 2017/2018. This was seconded by Mr S Skelhorn and carried unanimously


For Payment:

The following cheques were approved for payment January 2017:


Cheque 908 To Pauline Young
Clerk’s pay December 16 964.33
Less December 16 NI Contribution

Less December Pension Contribution



Net Total 925.46
Travel for December  16 17.55
Total                    943.01
Cheque 909 Post Office Ltd
Employer’s and Employee’s December 16 NI 74.78
Cheque 910 E.ON – Electric for December 16 49.53
Cheque 911 P Young – Easyspace website domain name bi-annual renewal 50.42
Cheque 912 SSE – Lighting maintenance Oct-Dec 2016 111.36
Cheque 913 John Shears – Dog Poop bags 57.85
Cheque 914 M Sevens – Rec Ground Maintenance Nov & Dec 229.16
Cheque 915 Royal Mail – Annual PO Box fee 312.00
Cheque 916 Fosseway Press – Printing News and Views 317.65
Cheque 917 S Manley – Distributing News and Views 140.00
Cheque 918 Trenjory Designs – Editing News and Views 187.50
Total               2,473.26


Matters Chairman considers Urgent


Mr L Sheen offered his apologies for the February and March 2017 meetings


Mr L Salvidge provided feedback of the usage of the Council’s Facebook page noting that it widely used


Items for Next Meeting  

Quarterly Accounts

Grants for financial year just ending

Exchange of Parish Council Data back up on Cruzer Blade Exchange

The Clerk gave the latest back up to the Chairman


Date of Next Meeting

Wednesday 8th February 2017



Chairman                                                                                                Clerk